CPR Dummy.com
Dummy Specifications
Age Selector Dial -
Adjusts chest compression piston for learning Adult or Child age groups.
Audible "clicks" - let rescuer know they are pressing in the correct place to the right depth
(Adult/Child model only)
Tilting head with visible chest rise. Lungs inflate only when head is properly tilted and air is blown.
Inner chest plate provides a "bottoming out" feel - when student presses hard enough in the right place (Infant model only)
~Heads may be cleaned in the dishwasher, soaked in bleach/water, or wiped with alcohol or other sterilizing agents.
~Neck caps twist off to provide large openings for easy cleaning.
~Smooth skin wipes clean easily.
~May be cleaned with bleach/water, or wiped with alcohol or other sterilizing agents.
(Professional models only, does not apply to HLS)
Lung Bag Options:
(Available in 10 or 100 packs)
~Basic Lung Bag - Head and bags operate with most brand disposable face shields and breathing masks
~Combination Face Shield/Lung Bag - Handy adhesive strip holds shield in place (One piece airway/face shield prevents risk of cross contamination; no need to clean dummys after use)
Carry Bags:
~Durable hand sewn nylon carry bags for easy transport & storage. All carry bags include extra pockets for training materials and paperwork.
Comprehensive design for practice of Heimlich maneuver, abdominal thrusts, as well as chest compressions and rescue breathing.